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Balance for control and maneuverability.The extra handle creates balance about the center axis squaring the racquet face in the hitting zone achieving a longer hitting path, thus improving consistency and stroke efficiency. The racquet swings correctly, if not, it is because you are forcing it not to, it is a smart racquet. Conventional racquets are either head heavy or, head light, they cannot be both. The Handler due to it’s second handle adds more swing weight with light head for improved maneuverability and racquet head speed. That by itself is a revolutionary weight balancing achievement.

Leverage for more Power. The extra 2 inches of length will shift your contact point more forward while securing your grip against the handles cross bridge for faster wrist pronation increasing your serve power by 15-20%. You will also gain more court depth with less effort. All together achieving excellent stroke efficiency. 

Control, Guidance and Grip security. The counter balance of the second handle eliminates any torquing effect in your grip due to off center hits. The control is phenomenal. The extended handle transitioned into the cross member enhances your grip to have ultimate control of your shots. Now you can hit right to the target more accurately.

Add Versatility to your game and better strokes. The two handed backhand with the Handler is a natural phenomena, there is a handle available for you to quickly react to incoming fast balls and swing with more control. This gripping technology is revolutionary, use full racquet leverage for more power and control. It only takes few days not years to develop a two handed efficient backhand with the Handler. 

Vibration dampening efficiency. The Handle closed loop design transmits the vibration back into the frame and not your arm, less stress on your body reducing potential injuries.


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