Handler Paradox

$185.00 $225.00


The Paradox has the same performance characteristics as the Arrow with the following added features:


Curved Grip.  The handle extended curvature allows you to use the full 29 inches of the racket for every stroke. The racket is designed to fit comfortably with the natural curve of your hand for better control and stroke efficiency. This griping method holding the racquet at the curved section specially for the forehand one handed stroke provides stroke efficiency and versatility for flat or topspin stroke selection achieving a targeted follow through.  

Offset Handle:  The offset handle positions the racquet face below the holding point reducing the lifting effect for all ground strokes swinging directly to the target achieving natural and effortless follow through.  It also provides strong benefits for the volleys and the serve: on the volleys it enhances the gripping technique to achieve control, accuracy and versatility of stroke production. On the serve due to the offset and increased racquet length, will add more leverage resulting in more power, control, accuracy, natural pronation and efficiency. 

New Design. The Handler Paradox is the latest in racket technology, incorporating 25 years of engineering innovation from BouKheir Tennis. It’s universal design is engineered for ultimate maneuverability of effective weight distribution, power of a rigid frame and control as a result of handles spaced apart for ultimate counter balance.


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